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Add Appointment availability:

On this page, you can add appointment availability for the following site:


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You must enter the number of doses to auto-add enough days to cover them.

Dates & times when you will be open for vaccinating:
The system will schedule appointments so the last appointment fully concludes by closing time for each time range, though contiguous ranges will be treated as one for the the number of parallel tracks shared between the ranges.
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This set of appointments represents % of the available doses as entered above.

Caution: unchecking this box can lead to more people being scheduled for appointments than the doses you indicated above you have available. If you are confident you will have more doses, consider increasing the number entered above. If a vaccination appointment is scheduled based on availability entered here but cannot be kept due to chosen overbooking without sufficient supply, the costs incurred by affected individuals (including time, booking transportation, opportunity costs/cancelling other plans, and frustration with the experience) can discourage them from continuing to seek vaccination at all.
Feel free to add more availability by using the green plus buttons above, to possibly get a higher percentage of doses associated with scheduled appointments.